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social media marketing The goal of Social Media Marketing is to attract visitors to your website and for them to learn more about your services and medical practice. These social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Pinterest.

Social media websites allow you to keep your patients engaged and informed about your services.

Research shows that having a social media campaign is good for business. With social media you can combine all of your marketing channels: sites like Facebook and Twitter keep patients and the local patient population up to date and SEO and AdWords attract new patients. With this combination, you have the best of everything for marketing on the Internet.

What Our Social Media Marketing Service Includes

  Create and link Facebook page with custom banner  
  Create and link Twitter page with custom background  
  Create, claim, and link Google Plus page and add Authorship  
  Create and link Blogger blog  
  Create and claim Pinterest page  

Our Social Media Marketing service increases the Internet presence and visibility of your practice and medical website. It will also make your medical practice more recognizible which in turn will lead to new patients. Surveys show that more people than ever are using social media sites like Facebook for healthcare information. Our social media marketing campaign takes advantage of this by providing useful information and becoming a trustworthy source for potential patients.

Why Choose Physician Designs

Our team at Physician Designs is experienced with integrating social media properties with medical websites. Our Social Media Marketing staff stays up to date with all of the latest marketing techniques and understands the strengths and weakenesses of each. We will ask you about your goals and lay out the most cost-effective strategy that provides the highest return.

Since there are so many different social media avenues for connecting with patients, we suggest you give us a call and speak with a project manager to see which ones will work best for your practice and help you achieve your goals.

You can learn more about our social media marketing services by calling us at 1-888-212-5760 and speaking with a project manager.

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