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Medical Search Engine Marketing Like any business, you need to get the word out about your medical practice. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service involves Pay-per-click (PPC) ads through Google AdWords, which are text based ads that appear on search results. These are the ads that appear at the very top and on the right side of Google.

AdWords can target geographic locations, so your ads for your medical practice only appear in areas that you want.

Our Search Engine Marketing service manages the pay-per-click advertising campaign for your medical website with Google AdWords. This service is very effective and targeted Internet marketing for physicians.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services

  Identify and list keywords and phrases  
  Develop ad titles and descriptions  
  Determine and manage bids  
  Manage and track monthly advertising budget  
  Manage bid amounts to provide the maximum exposure at the lowest cost  
  Pay-per-click search advertising is the most cost-effective way of advertising your medical practice on the internet since you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. It can be easily controlled and effectively targeted - you get to decide when and where your medical website ads will appear on the search results.
Search Engine Marketing is a guaranteed way to earn a place on the first page of search engines and getting visitors to your website. You can learn more about pay-per-click advertising at Search Engine Land or by calling us at 1-888-212-5760 and speaking with a project manager.
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