AdWords & Pay Per Click Marketing for Physicians

There are many different ways physicians can grow the online presence of their medical practices, but one of the most effective options is by using Google Adwords, aka Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC ads are sponsored ads that show on search page results and other ad areas of websites.


The main reason AdWords are so effective and provide a high ROI is because you get you decide how, when, and where your ads show and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

AdWords marketing and PPC should be part of every medical practice’s internet marketing strategy. This is especially true for doctors or healthcare professionals interested in growing their online presence with a focus on local or even national marketing. Working with a PPC strategist that understands how to leverage PPC to achieve optimum results at the lowest possible per click rate is essential for a successful campaign.

A PPC strategist at Physician Designs will start by understanding your objectives. We will then setup a campaign, select keywords, and write ads based on your goals for your medical specialty and services.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

AdWords and PPC ads are the ads that show up at the very top and along the right side of Google results pages. AdWords give you a lot of control of how, when, and where you’d like your ads to show:

  • Target searches using specific keywords
  • Control what time of day your ads run
  • Target ads based on specific cities or radius

PPC advertising is an easy way to generate relevant traffic to your site. PPC works by placing ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) or on websites that are related to the keywords you have chosen to represent your field. What you pay for each click that leads to your site is based on how much you are willing to bid, as well as an established quality score.

The higher the bid and the higher the quality score, the better your chances for getting an ad listed at the top of the ads displayed on a page.

How Does PPC Help Physicians and Medical Practices?

PPC helps physicians attract potential patients to their site, as long as the campaign is managed properly. In order to manage a PPC campaign successfully, it must be closely monitored to ensure proper bidding for keywords and ad copy. Understanding when something works and when it does not, and making adjustments as necessary, is an imperative part of ensuring your PPC campaign is a smart marketing investment. The goal of a successful PPC or AdWords campaign is to create the greatest impact for the lowest financial investment. If you are paying a lot for your PPC efforts and seeing few results, it is time for a change.

Using Google Adwords and building a successful PPC campaign can help you generate new referrals and grow your practice. It is a proven and effective method for helping physicians and making the most of their internet marketing dollars.

If you’re interested in AdWords management, please contact a project manager and receive a free consultation and quote. Our management service includes:

  • AdWords strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ad copy
  • Keyword research
  • Budget management

AdWords can be very competitive so it’s important to choose a company that understands your medical practice and the PPC landscape.

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