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5 Ways to Build a Strong Social Media Platform for Your Medical Practice

Social media has become one of the most powerful and fastest growing medical practice marketing platforms available for healthcare professionals.. Social media profiles include Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You might have the best looking and most informational physician website around (designed by us of course!), but without a healthy social media platform and strategy, a great opportunity is being wasted. Building a social media platform takes time, but it is well worth your effort and not that difficult if you put these five steps for your medical practice website.

1. Your Social Media Name is as Important as your Physician Website Name

Remember trying to create the best name for your website? You wanted to convey as much information as possible, but also make it basic enough for patients to find you. The same is true for your social media page. Doctor websites are not the only place you need to be creative, consistent, and clear.social-media-marketing-dfdOne of the best tricks you can use is to put a slight spin on your name. This benefits your organic SEO and makes it easy and natural for searchers to find you. Just the slightest rearranging of words can have a major impact on your online reputation. Also be sure your fan page contains valuable keywords. Instead of using the numbers assigned by Facebook to your fan page, be sure to change the name of the page so it reflects your practice name or primary services. You can use your business name, but you might find a phrase with your industry and location more beneficial for marketing services.

2. Keywords are a Part of Social Media

You should also use your primary keywords on your social media profiles. Keyword optimization is as important for social media as it is for a website for a doctor. When creating your company description, your mission statement, and other static aspects of your social media pages be sure to include the most popular keywords pertaining to your practice. Also be sure to include your location and primary services on your page.

3. Use Links on Your Social Media Profile

Your physician website should be linked to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest pages (We do this as part of our social media service). When you post a blog article, be sure to link to it on your Twitter and Facebook pages – letting people know that your blog has been updated.

You can also add Twitter and Facebook feeds to your blog and medical website. Your online presence should be like a web – with everything connected. Every link boosts your SEO results and spreads your reach further and further throughout the Internet.

4. Use Content Strategies in Social Media

You probably already understand the importance of great content on your blog or medical website; the same rules apply to social media marketing too. The more valuable the content offered on Twitter and Facebook, the more likely they are to attract attention for your practice. Speak up and share your knowledge with potential patients every time you log on. This falls under “content marketing”, the practice of providing high-quality and useful content. The goal is to become an authority on the subject-matter and turn visitors into patients.

We provide “content marketing” as part of our social media marketing and unique content service.

5. Utilize Local Search Features with Social Media

Local search is an important part of your medical practices’ online marketing plan, so make sure your social media platform is supporting it. Your address and phone number should be the same on your social media profiles and pages as they are on your website.

You can also claim your local listing with Google Plus and add the information to help boost search results.

Our Social Media Marketing / Management Services

social-media-profiles-33dOur social media service sets up and optimizes all your social media accounts and location accounts. We can then write blog posts about your services and medical practice – then distribute this content through the Internet and your social media profiles.

We can manage all of your social media needs by writing blog posts, tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, posting on Google +, and pinning on Pinterest. We are your one-stop shop for marketing your medical website and practice.