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Four Easy Steps to Protect Your Online Reputation

Wondering what your patients are saying about your medical services, staff, or office? What are your potential patients reading about your medical practice? Want to know if your patients are happy with your bedside manner? There is nothing worse than finding out that a potential patient “Googled” your medical practice or name and decided not to schedule an appointment based on negative or untrue online reviews. Having a website for your medical practice can go far in building trust but a potential patient may come across review websites that have mixed reviews when searching for more information about a physician. Being left in the dark about your patients’ feedback about your services and medical practice can cause you to lose business without even knowing it.

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Attracting new patients is one of the top priorities for a practice and to do so, it is essential you not only uphold your practice’s reputation physically but have a reputable online presence as well. A custom doctor website can help patients find your medical practice but then they may also rely on other online resources for more information.

You can have a medical website for your practice and provide personal information but many other websites exist out there that allow for patients to leave reviews.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you make sure you are aware of your medical practices’ reputation.

Know What Others Are Saying
Start your trek by learning your clinic’s current reputation. How can you know whether to improve it or who to send service-related emails to if you don’t even know what type of reputation your company already has? Become aware of what is being said about your clinic and in what areas you need to improve in. Set up Google alerts for your medical web design so you can be aware for every new occurrence that pops up!

Have An Active Online Presence!
You many be wondering how your personal presence can help protect your clinic’s reputation, but rather than having a standing medical institution with no identifiable chief figure in charge, having you, the person of authority, will give your potential patients the satisfaction of knowing its credibility. So whether it is via blogging, participating in health-facility related forums or even through starting your own fan page on Facebook, your clinic’s active online presence will give your medical practice a positive image. Optimize your website with medical/health related keywords using SEO (the more concise, the better) so it can generate more hits, highlight your clinic’s unique and patient-friendly features compared to the hundred other health facilities in your area and if necessary, consult from websites that provide help to protect and improve your online reputation.

Remember, you want your company to be placed among the top service-related hits on popular search-engines such as Yahoo and Google. Our medical doctor SEO service can help with achieving top ranking for your medical website and online presence.

Utilize Social Networking
twitter-facebookNowadays, consumers utilize social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even review-only websites to review their experiences and opinions on the services they were provided. This provides a gateway for direct communication between patient and provider. Realistically, you can’t please everyone. So every now and then, a patient may leave a less than pleased review for your medical practice. But what should you do as the figure in authority? Don’t ignore it! Respond to your patient as kindly and as respectfully as possible; keep in mind that you’re trying to uphold a positive image. Ignoring the message on any social media will definitely not go unnoticed and it would reflect badly towards your clinic. By keeping a method of communication open between your practice and the patients, you will only be benefiting your clinic’s online reputation.

Promote Patient Reviews
Don’t be afraid of getting less than stellar reviews. Reviews in general will increase interest in your medical practice. The more overall reviews you get, the more it would be represented as a well-known health-facility. Promoting patient reviews is the best way to keep your information fresh and accurate. Newer reviews may let your former patients know about your improved services, steering them towards your company once again. Do surveys and include links to your business profiles in newsletters to promote and generate new customer reviews. You can also have a link to Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp on your medical website design – so that patients can easily find more information about your practice and leave reviews.

In essence, your online web reputation depends on you being proactive and providing services interactively via your online presence to generate more traffic for your clinic. It is important that you should also keep in mind that following these steps diligently will not automatically grant your clinic the top spot on Google. Rather, it is merely a step forward for you and your online reputation.

Please feel free to contact Physician Designs to see how we can help with your online reputation.