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Local Medical Internet Marketing

Local Internet marketing is especially useful for medical practices looking to attract local patients with their website. This is because most patients are searching for a doctor’s office that is conveniently located and near their home or work.local medical marketing

Boosting your local search engine results is similar to boosting general results, but there are a few things you can do to enhance local results. The following tips can help you build a site that gets noticed when potential patients use a location-specific search.

Utilize Location-Specific Terms in Your Content
Keyword formulas are tough to crack, especially since search engines are constantly changing their methods. Instead of drowning in frustration in your effort to create the perfect keyword balance, utilize location-specific keywords. There is less competition when you are focused on only the local market.

When creating content for your medical web site, include the name of the city, state, or region you plan to target. In addition to using these words in your static content, also use them in blog entries and social media profiles.

Medical practices especially benefit from local keyword use because potential patients really want a local doctor. These people are more likely to enter a search term such as “family doctor in [city]” or “cardiologist in [state]” than someone interested in buying a product or enjoying entertainment. The closer, the better when it comes to choosing a doctor or medical professional.

Use Google’s Local Features
Google leads the way in local online marketing. It is more popular than other search engines and offers a number of free features for promoting your practice locally. Complete a profile on Google’s “Places for Business,” so your practice will be included in Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google+ Local. The more information you provide Google the more likely it is to send patients your way.

Utilize Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonials on your physician website are the modern version of word-of-mouth advertising. When people in your area speak positively about your practice, potential patients take notice.

Imagine the impact of a positive review from Jane, just two streets over from a potential patient’s home. Or reading about how much Bill from the local rotary club loved visiting your office. Local people are more trustworthy because they share something in common with potential patients. There is a “one of us” feeling because everyone lives in the same community. Patient testimonials are one of the strongest tools you have to improve your online reputation – and these can also be placed on your website.

If you really want to step things up a notch, consider using video testimonials from patients. These have a much bigger impact than the written word because they feature actual people speaking positively about your company. These can be placed on YouTube, the website, and many local search directories.

Basically, you are creating free commercials to use on your physician website. They won’t have the reach of a commercial on prime time television, but they will affect the opinion of anyone visiting your site. These are the people most likely to work with you anyway. You are offering first-hand, high-impact, credible information to your target audience during a time they are most interested in learning about your medical practice.

The Physician Designs team can assist with all of your local medical marketing needs. Call us to speak with a project manager and learn more about our services for expanding your medical practice.