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Doctor Websites Making a Great First Impression

The best medical website design strategies accomplish several things, but they all start with a great first impression. In order to keep visitors around long enough to provide them with information, interact in your community, and finally, to take further action (make an appointment), your healthcare site must make a strong first impression. If you do not hook visitors in the first few seconds of their visit, you will have lost them forever.

first-impressionHow do you make a great first impression when you are competing with dozens of other healthcare providers and doctor websites? It takes some work and includes a combination of efforts. Obviously, your site must look great. It must provide visitors with a sense of organization and be visually appealing. This includes having and easy to use navigation, call-to-action, and easy to understand messaging. You should also provide a value proposition or reason that someone should contact you for their medical needs. Some examples:

Let visitors know-

  1. how long you have been serving the community
  2. about any special training or board-certifications
  3. educational background

Communicating Value

In addition to a great looking website, you must also communicate your value immediately. This can be tough because most websites for doctors use various content offerings to accomplish this. A three page report on the benefits of your services is not likely to hook someone in just a few seconds. Instead, you must provide a synopsis of your value. Make a bold promise that catches a visitor’s attention as soon as they land on your site. You must then deliver on your promise, but first you must create intrigue and gain interest.

Branding Your Message

The best doctor website design strategies also utilize strong branding. The more recognizable your brand the more likely visitors are to trust you. Building a brand is about more than just choosing a great logo or catchphrase, though these things can be very effective tools for branding. Social media for your medical practice helps your branding efforts because it establishes a reputation before visitors even make it to your site. If you create a sense of curiosity before a person clicks on your site, visitors are more likely to stick around once they arrive.

Welcome Website Visitors and Patients

Finally, consider all of the ways you would make a great first impression offline. When a new patient visits your office, you likely take strides to help them feel comfortable. The same should occur on your website. The better someone feels navigating your website, the more likely they are to schedule an appointment.

Create an organized website for your practice that looks and feels friendly, professional, and appealing. If a visitor arrives at a site that is cluttered or disorganized with images and words, they are unlikely to stick around to navigate through the confusion. It is not your patient’s responsibility to make sense of the information you provide.

If you are dumping massive amounts of information into someone’s lap, they will likely shut down and be unresponsive to your message. Instead, you should offer information in a way that educates gently and is to the point. From the very first few seconds someone visits your website, make sure they can clearly understand your message. The message should include why your medical expertise is the best in the area and why they should go ahead and call to schedule an appointment.

The best websites for doctors start with the very first impression. With a little effort, you can have an informative and effective site that helps you establish an online presence – and attract new patients.