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What Your Medical Website Design Should Accomplish for You

Most doctors know they need a medical website for their practice, but fewer understand exactly what that website should accomplish. A physician website is about more than just letting people know you exist online. It is about sharing information with potential patients, establishing a reputation, building a relationship, and helping your practice achieve success. What exactly should good medical website design accomplish for you?

The majority of adults in America use the Internet to gather information and make important decisions. Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions a person makes and many utilize information from the Internet to make this decision. In addition to information online over which you have no control, you can supply patients with everything they need to know about your practice. This is one of the most important things good physician website design can do for you. There are four specific things you want your site to achieve:

Attract New Patients

A good physician website makes it easier to grow your practice. It attracts the attention of search engines, which leads prospective patients to your page. Once they arrive, good design encourages them to stay and learn more about you, your services and philosophy. Great optimization and design can even help you target the specific types of patients you want to attract to your practice.

Establish a Relationship with Patients

Your website should build your brand and help you create trust between you and current or potential patients. The site should feature your logo, your goals as a physician, your menu of services, and anything else you want people to know about your brand. Your site should reflect your brand and help you establish brand presence online. This makes it easier to build trust with patients. They get to know you and feel comfortable working with you before you meet in person.

Good medical website design allows visitors to the site to see “behind the scenes” and feel like they are a part of their medical care team. A good design also establishes a sense of community. Providing a forum in which patients can share information and experiences eliminates the need for prospective patients to go elsewhere looking for information over which you have no control.

Educate Patients

Not only will good website design make it easier for prospective patients to find you, it will help you educate people about your practice and issues associated with the type of care you offer. Many prospective patients are looking for details about health conditions and medical issues. If you are able to provide well-researched, up-to-date information, they will call on you for future concerns. (Read our post about using social media for your medical practice)

Allow Your Office to Run More Efficiently

Your patients are not the only ones who benefit from a great website. Great design can also take a lot of the burden off your office staff. How much time is wasted answering questions about office hours and taking appointments? A website can do these things for you – and 24 hours a day. It allows patients to contact your office about non-emergency issues that can be answered automatically or through email. This means you and your staff are able to focus on providing care to patients in need in the here-and-now without missing out on opportunities to interact and provide information to potential new patients.

Is your website working for you? Does it accomplish everything it possibly can? If not, now is the time to make improvements.

Adding a Human Touch to Your Medical Brand

Your website is one of the best tools you have for enhancing your medical practice’s brand. Successful healthcare web design and social media messaging allows you to communicate a very specific message to the public and makes it easy for people to associate your practice with the message. Unfortunately, branding can become technical and cold, which is the last thing you want when trying to attract new patients.

If you take time to humanize your brand and add a personal touch to your website design and social media, it can really help you stand out from local competition. Your medical marketing strategy should include ways for you to add a personal touch to your website, as well as your social media interactions. Social media is one of the best ways to personalize a brand and help potential patients form a connection.

In addition to reaching out to patients through social media, consider how well your website design communicates a personal touch. These tips can help:

Introduce Members of Your Staff

Introducing the members of your staff is a great way to help patients feel comfortable and choosing your practice. It’s comforting for a potential patient to know what a person looks like before meeting. Adding video interviews with staff members is an even more effective way to familiarize patients with the medical and office staff.

Improve Your About Us Page

Most medical websites feature an about us section, but you should be sure you are using yours to its fullest capabilities. In addition to giving basic details about your practice, include your reasons for choosing your field and your philosophies on medicine. Patients are able to make a connection to this information and it helps them feel at ease when the time comes to work with you.

Offer Valuable Information to Site Visitors

Your goal should be not only to provide information about your practice, but also to educate visitors on your site. Adding educational information gives patients a reason to return to your site. In addition to providing up-to-date information about medical studies and various developments in your field, add information about medical issues affecting your patients. Your goal should be to create a community atmosphere among your staff and patients.

Do Not Neglect Your Site

Whether you are updating the site on a regular basis or you have hired someone to do so, make sure the information is current. Nothing communicates neglect quicker than a blog or social media account that is dormant. Visitors to your site should be treated to fresh content and current news. Do your best to build conversations with site visitors and those following you on social media. Active conversations with the public allow you to really personalize your brand.

Do Not be Afraid to Personalize Your Site and Social Media

All business owners struggle to find the right balance of professionalism and personalization and doctors are no exception. While it is important to keep messages on your website and in social media professional, you do not want to make them cold and dry. Blend a little personalization into things and you will find it helps your patients feel more at ease. Getting to know a little about you and your staff is a great way to help patients feel special and allow them to relax when visiting your office.

Is your brand cold and distant? Could your website or social media campaign use a human touch? This small change could go a long way to enhancing your marketing strategy. You can save yourself a lot of legwork and contact a project manager for services like social media management from Physician Designs that will humanize your marketing campaign.