Four Features Your Medical Website Needs to Make Your Patients Happy

If you are like most doctors, you’ve worked hard to provide your patients with a comprehensive experience. From the most advanced treatment options to the latest in technology, you consider your practice on the leading edge of patient care. Unfortunately, if your website can’t offer the same state-of-the-art experience, patients might not ever realize what you have to offer. By understanding what patients are looking for from a doctor’s website and employing those features, you’ll have a site that welcomes visitors and converts them into loyal patients.

What are the four most important features patients expect from a medical provider’s website?

Mobile Access – Responsive Website Design

It’s rare these days for a person to never access the web from a mobile device. Most of us have tablets or smart phones and use them more often to surf the internet than laptops/computers. This means in order for websites to be effective, they need to offer mobile capabilities and be responsive.

As a matter of fact, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly or responsive should be your number one priority. If patients aren’t able to view an accurate depiction of your site from their phone or other mobile device, they won’t bother to stick around. Medical responsive website design sites also rank better, so to improve your SEO, make sure you invest in this important upgrade.

Portal for Patients

A patient portal gives patients a way to interact with you online. Having the ability to schedule appointments, receive automated reminders, see test/lab results, and send secure messages makes caring for their health more convenient. It also improves the efficiency of your practice, as patients take greater responsibility for their own health and are less likely to miss appointments. Patient portals empower patients, and reinforce the importance of working with their doctors as a team.

Make sure any portal you create is HIPAA compliant.

Online Bill Pay

Want to improve accounting practices for your office? Offer an online bill pay option on your site. More than half of all American consumers pay their bills online. It’s convenient for them because they can pay anywhere, anytime night or day, and never worry about sending a check or visiting to pay in cash, which increases the odds you’ll get paid.


It should come as no surprise to any experienced doctor, patients crave information. They want to know more about issues that affect their health and the health of loved ones. Current data shows at least 150 million Americans search for health information online on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a lot of the information available is incorrect. Your website provides an opportunity to rectify this and ensure your patients – and anyone who stumble on your site – receive accurate, useful information.

In addition to just being a great service to offer your patients, providing accurate information saves you time dispelling misinformation and all the harm it causes.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your website, Physician Designs can help. Give us a call to discuss your goals and learn how you can incorporate these four valuable features into your medical website design.

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