5 Social Media Tips to Drive SEO for a Medical Website

There are many areas on a website where social media can improve SEO for your medical website. Social media search engine optimization is a relatively new concept that is based around the idea that social media links and properties can have an immense roll in a website’s rankings (SERP). Social media should be part of any medical web strategy ensuring patient interaction and engagement. Being an authority in online social media is beginning to hold more weight for search engine rankings, and its proper utilization is vital to both established and emerging websites and businesses.  You should consider the role social media will play in your medical website development process for both design and marketing. The following tips will ensure that your medical web site can take the full advantage of available social media opportunities.

  1. Have links to all of your social media accounts on your Home page
  2. Use only relevant social media properties
  3. Update and actually use social media
  4. Be patient!
  5. …not social media related…but use ALT tags

Have links to all of your social media accounts on your medical website

Google, as well as other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, will immediately associate any of your linked social profiles with your medical website. Once a search engine has made this kind of association, any posts coming from your social media accounts will help rank for the most frequently used keywords. This trend will only continue to grow as social media becomes a bigger ranking factor for search engines, a trend that has already started. The Physician Designs medical marketing team can help you choose the right social profiles that will not only benefit your practice but also your web presence and ranking.

Don’t use irrelevant social media websites to promote your medical practice

There are countless social media websites that cater to all sorts of different groups of people with a variety of interests. If your medical specialty does not fit in with the community of a given social media site, then don’t use it. The sites with the most traffic are not always the best ones to join and use for medical web marketing. Using more targeted social media sites will help improve your ranking, and result in more conversions. Again, your dedicated project manager at Physician Designs can help come up with the best social media sites for your medical practice.

Be consistent on your social media platforms

Google and other search engines will always prioritize ranking sites with consistently and regularly updated social profiles over abandoned ones. Having said that, as always, content is king. Having a lot of posts containing irrelevant, low quality non-medical or healthcare related content will not help to improve your search engine rankings at all. A successful social media optimization strategy includes staying up to date and regularly contributing to your social media properties – and updating your medical web site’s profiles with relevant content. The consistent submission of relevant updates, especially with current events or healthcare news, will always help your practice’s online presence. For example, you can share updates or news about specials and new medical services provided by the physician on Facebook or Twitter.

We have many physician clients that use their Facebook page as a way to keep themselves in minds of current and new patients. Our medical design and marketing team can also give all of your social media properties a uniform design scheme. Some social sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to customize banners and backgrounds with your logo. This also helps build a brand and shows consistency in your medical web marketing strategy.

Be patient

Even with the most efficient application of social search engine optimization, your rankings will not increase overnight. As is the case with all things, and especially SEO, it will take time for your medical website to see the effects of your efforts. It is important to keep this in mind and not to get frustrated if you aren’t seeing the results you are looking for right away. Social search engine optimization is a long term strategy, and if you consistently stick with it, you will definitely see results.

It’s also important to remember that rankings aren’t the only reason you are utilizing social media. There are many other benefits such as patient interaction and communication – these sites are a way for you to constantly market your medical services to current or prospective patients. With a website, users have to visit your site, but with something like Facebook, your updates show up on their newsfeed. This is a huge change in how information is provided to people.

Use alt tags for icons

This tip is a bit more website development-based but is still important to your social media optimization and medical practice website marketing strategy. Alt tags are usually overlooked by some website designers and developers; most often the focus is given to meta tags. Having alt tags to all your images will increase the chance that your site’s image will get indexed in Google Images, which will lead to more targeted traffic. For example, an appropriate Alt tag for a physician’s picture would be the doctor’s name. This will help the picture of the physician show up on Google Images. Alt tags also let search engines know what your website is actually about. We include Alt tags for all of our healthcare and medical marketing clients. You could also have a medical procedures’ name as an Alt tag for an image of it. This would only reinforce the content on the page.

No matter the size of your medical practice, think of us as your personal medical web design and physician marketing team. Your dedicated project manager will with you to develop a website and medical marketing strategy tailored for your services and area.

Our goal is to develop a website and medical web marketing campaign that becomes a business asset for your practice.

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